A changing world needs a plan B.

What happens with your business if your biggest market cools down?

Many companies expand their sales to other countries in search for growth and to spread risk. In a changing world as it is today, markets shift. A market that is up and running with a nice stable growth for years can cool down instantly due to various local or international reasons. Did you see it coming and do you have a plan B? If you do not act fast enough, you will be stressed with the risk of a revenue decrease. No one can predict the future, still it is wise to be prepared.

You could increase growth from existing countries, but I expect this will be limited unless you have upcoming markets that will be able to grow significantly. Therefore it is important to always build new export markets and prepare and develop them to be your plan B.

With limited resources in hand, it is hard to make time available. Building a new market is a time consuming activity. You need to make a plan, study the market and build a new market. To reduce your stress and maintain your focus, Export associate can build your next market. Export Associate operates as a Business Development manager in your company. We build new markets and the market we build remain yours.

If you want to build new export markets and expand existing markets, contact Export Associate at f.reussink@exportassociate.com or +31343809997.