Export Associate is a business development company for the medical device industry. Our office is located in the Netherlands and operates in Europe, Middle-East and Asia. The company has been founded by Frank Reussink, Frank started his medical device career in 2001 and has worked at several medical device companies. He has been responsible for International business development and distributor management in the regions of: Europe, Middle- East, Asia and Africa. See Frank’s profile at linkedin.

We are proactively building growth opportunities. We search for your next export market and we actively build the market for you. Our success is based on expertise. Learn more at how we work.


  • Patients first
  • Customer service
  • Business ethics and trust
  • Long-term growth


Generate a high value in an accessible and professional way by increasing turnover and presence for medical device manufacturers by facilitating contacts, launching their products in new markets and developing the market by maximizing sales and supportive relationships.


Making quality medical equipment available to everyone.



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