Export Associate is an international sales agent who operates as your Business Development and sales office. We search for your next export market and investigate for you the export conditions, requirements and expectations. All of this is presented to you in an export plan.

We search and advice you in the local distributor for your product and support you during the contract negotiations. Our strength is to build for you an up and running market that generates a stable growing revenue. Export Associate will build the market with the assigned distributor and generate orders. In this process we operate as your Export Manager for the assigned country.

We are your staff in the eyes if the customer and we operate like a colleague in your sales department, although we are an independent company.

We are a results driven company. We focus on the market and product, this is achieved trough commission based services. It limits your investment and improves the results.

Do you want extra sales power and an up and running market that generates orders for you?

Get your advantage and contact us.


Why Export Associate is your partner in export?

  • We select the best countries for your product.
  • We build your market by country
  • We generate orders for you
  • You’ll own your new market
  • You pay for results and success.


Phase 1
Selection and Planning
Market review
Country selection
Market research
Distributor selection
Country export plan
Presentation of results
More information
Phase 2
Sales and marketing
Product training
Sales management
Reporting and forecast
Building KOL relations
Marketing events
Market trends
Distributor support
More information